Make Your Neighborhood More Foot-Traffic Friendly

Take a stroll on a stamped sidewalk

You know that sidewalks make your neighborhood safer by keeping pedestrians out of the road. But you aren't thrilled with the idea of what plain beige concrete squares will do to your curb appeal. The knowledgeable team at Curb It has the perfect solution: customize those pavers.

Sidewalks don't have to be boring-we design them to enhance the appearance of your house by adding color and texture to the concrete.

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custom sidewalks

Keep your sidewalk and house from clashing

You can't wait to improve your curb appeal with a custom sidewalk. But what color should you choose? The experienced team at Curb It can help you select a color and texture that complements the design of your home. We'll take all the factors involved into account, including:

  • The way the colors will look next to your house
  • How sunlight will affect the color
  • Which colors work best with the different patterns

Contact us today to discuss your vision with a qualified concrete contractor. We're always happy to lend a helping hand.